Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Addict Acting?

So it would seem actor David Boreanaz has joined the “Cheating Husband Club” along with Tiger Woods and Jesse James. Of course, this comes on the heels of the other woman coming forward. It would appear she’s one of several extracurricular activities he's had recently. He’s made all requisite apologies and has informed America that he’s working on his marriage. As of today’s news, he’s not yet checked into a treatment center for sex addiction. I can’t help but wonder if these three boys can get a group rate.

To Tiger Woods and Jesse James claiming to be sex addicts, I’ve really just got to say something here: Do you really think we’re buying this? I’d like to be a fly on the wall of every house in America that tuned into the entertainment segment of the news when they announced this. I would bet my paycheck that I’d see the rolling of eyes in every house in the land.

The whole idea is an insult to our intelligence. The picture of an addict is someone who is so desperate they will do anything for a fix of their drug of choice. It could be alcohol, drugs, gambling, etc. They gamble the rent money. They sell their mother’s wedding ring for some crack. They can sink to the depths of hell and live in squalor, all to chase that perfect high. So you’ll excuse me if I’m not buying this. Have you seen the women these men are sleeping with? None of these so-called “addicts” are exactly hitting bottom, as they say.

I don’t think they need sex addiction counseling. I think they just need a reality check. Do they think the sex addict thing will work like a Get-Out-Of-Jail-Free card with their wives? Even my husband shook his head at this one. I’m just not getting it. I can’t imagine my husband cluing me in on countless affairs over the course of our marriage and me reaching for the phone for the sex addict hotline, “Hello, please direct me to the nearest treatment center. My husband needs help!” Come on ladies, you know what we’re reaching for… a baseball bat, the knife drawer, or something that will really hit him where it hurts – a divorce lawyer.

These men have the world on a string. Success, family, fame and fortune. But outside women throw themselves at them and marriage is no deterrent. Maybe it’s just a case of over-inflated ego? Everywhere they look, women want them. It’s in their faces constantly. OK, I get that, but just because you can doesn’t mean you have to do it.

It’s like that cheesecake in my fridge. I’m dying for it. I am. I have motive (my sweet tooth,) I have opportunity (I’m in the kitchen) and I have reason (because I deserve it.) But, no, I can’t. I won’t.

See – done. How easy was that?

Like everything else in life: You can’t have your cake and eat it, too!

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